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CopyWiz, the Visual Studio Project Copy Wizard, provides critical features missing from Microsoft Visual Studio: the ability to easily copy and rename existing projects. How many times have you wanted to: * Copy an existing Visual Studio project to use as the basis for a new project * Create a template project to base new projects on * Fix up directories and filenames in your projects * Replace GUIDs in a project * Rename an existing Microsoft Visual Studio project How much time did you spend manually copying and renaming all the files, finding and replacing all instances of the project name and filenames, correcting relative and absolute project paths, and changing project GUIDs when starting a new project? Why not try an inexpensive product that can perform these steps for you automatically? Start using CopyWiz today and stop wasting your time on menial work. Rather than laboring to create a template project or wizard from an existing project (which will quickly become outdated anyway), use CopyWiz to copy the newest version of an existing project. CopyWiz also includes powerful path analysis capabilities to change absolute paths to their correct relative paths and to update relative paths to their minimal required value -- so your projects will open and build without errors on all developers' computers and the build box. This can be used to quickly correct existing projects and to properly update all paths when copying projects.

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